Interregnum and Contacts

The three churches of Curdworth, Wishaw and Middleton are currently in Interregnum, which means that we are temporarily without a resident Vicar.

However, regular services continue to run with minimal disruption and we are still able to offer facilities for all your family events, such as Baptisms and Weddings.

Regular services are shown under each church. Other contacts below:-

Baptisms – Rev Roy Allen 01675 470629 or 07778 458789 email

Weddings – Mrs Isabel Potter 07858 481743 email

Funerals – Rev Roy Allen 01675 470629 or 07778 458789 email

2 thoughts on “Interregnum and Contacts

  1. Hello
    Youu probably get a lot of requests for family history information. So you can add me to your list. Our family lived in Middleton for 200 years from at least the 1750’s. Birmingham Library have suggested that the Parsish Records from the 1750’s may still be held at the church. If this is the case, how can I make arrangements to view them and the burial records.
    I look forward to your reply
    Kind regards
    Mr Chris Jennings
    Sutton Coldfield

    1. Hi Chris
      Thank you for making contact.
      I am looking into your request. I believe that the old records may be with the Warwickshire Records Office but I will check this out and get back to you as soon as possible.
      You may have picked up from the website that we are currently in Interregnum, i.e. without a resident Vicar, and all records have been temporarily removed from the Rectory but I will check it out.
      I will be in touch

      Best Regards
      Eric Dance
      Churchwarden St Nicholas, Curdworth
      Part of the Three-in-One Parish of Curdworth, Middleton and Wishaw.

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