The historic church of St Nicholas and St Peter ad Vincula is situated in the village of Curdworth in picturesque North Warwickshire.
The village has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and has a strong sense of community. On this website details of services for this church and the parish can be found along with a brief introduction to its history.

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  1. Good Morning,
    I am writing with regard to the pre-school in Curdworth which is run from the Church Hall. At present this is only run in the mornings, and the community desperately need this to be run for a morning and afternoon session similar to a school day. I understand that this is something that has been requested and I am writing to pledge my support of this and highlight the need for working families in the community. The current morning sessions do not support working parents far enough, and with the Government offering 30 free hours of childcare to working families it is something that would be extremely beneficial. Not to mention the benefit to our children who need that learning environment around their peers, particularly the ones who are almost ready to go to school and need that extra stimulation a Pre-School can offer. I hope that the Parish can support the Pre-School’s application for extended use of the Church Hall for the benefit of families in the community.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Kind regards,
    Louise Smith (Curdworth Resident)

    1. Louise
      Thank you for your communication, it is always helpful for the Church to hear the communities views on the needs of our parishioners and especially with regard to your support for the pre school. We are currently working with the pre school committee to review provision for the pre school and how we can play a full part in the community at which we are at the heart. We are also conscious of our responsibility to ensure that the churches limited resources are used in accordance with our own charitable aims and objectives. While discussions are on going we are unable to comment further publicly due to the confidential nature of the discussions and the sensitivity of the issues involved.

      Best wishes

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