Services this week –

Here are the details of this Sunday’s services:

Sunday 10th October is the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

 All-age Worship at 9.30am at St Nicholas’ Church, Curdworth. The service will be led by the Rector.

 Service of Holy Communion at 9.30am at St Chad’s Church, Wishaw. The President and Preacher will be the Rev Roy Allen.

 Songs of Praise at 11.15am at St Nicholas’ Church, Curdworth. The service will be led by the Rector.

Please note that there is no service at St John the Baptist, Middleton today. by the Rector.

Weekday online services have re-commenced.

Please see the Diary section of the Newsletter for full details of all forthcoming Services and Events.

Online events ca be accessed via the following link :-

Wearing a face covering at services is now a personal choice, so if you are happy not wearing one, that is fine. Likewise, if you would feel more comfortable still wearing a face covering, that is perfectly acceptable too. If you have a cold or cough, you could consider wearing a mask a good idea. We will still use alternate pews, but won’t be using pew runners, so please bring your own cushion if you wish, and take it home with you again after the service. You don’t need to book a place now that all three churches are open each week. We understand that some people may still feel anxious about returning, but our aim is for everyone to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Notes from the Rectory

Sunday 10th October is the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

There is no summary of the readings this week. Instead, it seemed appropriate to reflect a little, following the passing of Sue Vaughton, Paul Wilson and Mick Feld. Mick will be well known to those readers who live in Wishaw and they will be sad to learn that he has died as a result of Covid. Sue had suffered failing health for a long while and our thoughts are with Alan and his family at this time. Paul was a member of the Ministry Team, the Church Choir and led the Poetry Group, and much more.

Rev Roy Allen writes:

I first knew of Paul as a name on financial correspondence from the Birmingham Diocesan Office. Usually, it went to all the clergy, not just me.

Alongside this Paul played a huge role in the support of the Church in Malawi, Central Africa. Those of us who collected stamps as youngsters might remember Nyasaland – Malawi’s previous name. The first time I met Paul was when as Vicar of Marston Green I asked the Diocese if we could have someone to speak about Malawi one Sunday morning. Paul arrived and impressed by his sheer enthusiasm. Our parish had always been a supporter, and we even had a member who had been there, but Paul’s visit gave us an extra dimension. Paul’s interest and practical help of the Malawi link never left him, right up to this year.

Every year Paul was invited to the Coleshill Deanery summer buffet, in the large garden of Water Orton Vicarage. He seemed to make a bit of a beeline towards us – can’t think why – and we learned from his wisdom and knowledge of diocesan affairs. At that time we didn’t know that we were to live in the same parish.

We retired to Curdworth and soon came across Paul. Besides working alongside him as a member of staff (which Joshva, and now Noel, invited me to be) a link with him was the Poetry Group (a meeting a month in the Church Hall). Paul and Pat had run this very efficiently for some time before I joined it. A feature of it was the range of choice in the cheese and wine line. At my very first meeting I was surprised to see champagne on the table; it seems that date was special, and I never saw champagne there again! It was a good start though. Paul chaired us very efficiently, and it was a rare meeting that didn’t include a poem by Betjeman!

This is a reflection from one who was only ever on the edge of Paul’s circle – he had other interests, for example trains, which I didn’t share very much. Paul led a full and interesting life, his family was at the centre of it and the Church of England surrounded it (not always uncriticised!). It was a privilege for Margaret and I to have been two of the people who were able to call Paul a friend.


Paul’s funeral is to be held at St Nicholas’ Church on Wednesday 27th October. If you attend, you are asked not to wear black attire. Paul liked bright colours.

More forthcoming events…..

The Luncheon Club is held on the last Friday of the month.
The next one is on Friday 29th October 2021,
at Curdworth Village Hall,
followed by Friday 26th November
(No Luncheon Club in December due to the many other Christmas events in the village)
Friday 28th January 2022
Everyone is welcome and carers are included.
Further details from Vicki 470777 or Jane 470684.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Choral Evensong

The Choir will be singing Choral Evensong this Sunday 3rd October at 6.30pm at St Nicholas’ Church Curdworth. Please support them if you can as they present a variety of music from Stanford to Goodall and lots in between.

On the following Sunday, 10th October, it’s over to you to choose the music for………

Songs of Praise
This will be at St Nicholas’ Church at 11.15am. Hand your slip to Anton with your choice of hymn and why you have chosen it. You will find a slip at the end of this Newsletter

Christmas Tree Festival is back!!

Christmas Tree Festival will be in Curdworth Church from Tuesday 7th until Saturday 11th December.

It will be £5 to enter a tree (real or artificial), a large branch or whatever comes to mind! There is no theme, so just let your imaginations run riot!! It is always a wonderful event with refreshments being served every day. More details to follow, but if you’d like to enter a tree, please contact me Eileen Rawson 07931774713 or 01675 470221. Thank you.


With the appointment of the Rev Dr Noel Phillips as the new Rector of the Three in One Parish s of Curdworth, Wishaw and Middleton, our period of Interregnum has finally come to an end.

Noel and his family have recently completed there move into the Rectory and, while there are things still to do, he is now formally in place. You will see him out and about in the Parish so please do say “Hello”

We are living in strange times and, although some limited Services are recommencing, it will be a while yet before things get back to normal or, at least a sort of normal.

For enquiries, see below

Baptisms – Rev Dr Noel Phillips – 07498 202262 or email-

Weddings – Mrs Isabel Potter 07858 481743 email

Funerals – Rev Dr Noel Phillips – 07498 202262 or email-