Results of the meeting for the Election of Churchwardens and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Here are the results of the above meetings which were held on Thursday 22nd
October on zoom.
The following were elected as Churchwardens for the Parish:
Alan Vaughton
Eric Dance
Jo Hollis
Margaret Allen
Pat Turner
The following were elected as members of the Parochial Church Council:
Anne Cheshire
Janet Leyland
Ruth McFarland
Alan Vaughton was elected as Lay Vice-Chairman of the Parochial Church
Council and Margaret Allen as Secretary to the Parochial Church Council.
The following were elected as representatives on the Aston and Sutton
Coldfield Deanery Synod:
Alan Vaughton
Andrew Farrow
The Rector chaired the meetings and thanks were expressed to all who
attended, to all office holders for agreeing to fulfil their roles and to all who
prepared reports on the various aspects of church life and activities. These
reports would normally be available for people to see in church, but for
obvious reasons that is not possible this year. It may be that we are able to
publish them via this Newsletter in a future edition.

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