Report of Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Parish of Curdworth, Middleton and Wishaw

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was held in Curdworth Church Hall on the fifteenth day of May 2022.

On Sunday 15th May, we held the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. This, as always, was preceded by a very brief meeting to elect Churchwardens for the next year. Then at the APCM a report of the year 2021 was received. This gives the Rector’s report, a brief look at the activities of the churches, the state of the buildings and the financial position. 2021, of course, was another year much disrupted by covid lockdowns and restrictions, but somehow we managed to come through it all and are gradually getting back to something like the normality we yearned for, though acknowledging that there are long-lasting effects which will take time to overcome.

The Rector gave a presentation of his vision for the parish going forward, proposing a number of adaptations to our buildings to help them meet 21st Century needs. Our financial position continues to cause concern and doubtless this will be addressed by the PCC in the very near future. There are copies of the Annual Report available in the churches if you were unable to attend the meeting.

The results of the elections were as follows:

Churchwardens: Alan Vaughton, Eric Dance, Jo Hollis and Margaret Allen

Representatives to the PCC: Anne Rimmer, Brenda Thomson, Janet Leyland, Ruth McFarland, Sue Jefferson

Lay Chair: Alan Vaughton
Treasurer: Ruth McFarland
Secretary: Margaret Allen

Retired Clergy – Rev Roy Allen and Rev Canon Frank Longbottom and
Readers – Andrew Farrow and Lisa Wilcox were co-opted on to the PCC.
The Rector is ex-officio.
Please pray for all who are elected to serve the parish for the next year. Thank you to all who attended the meeting and thank you to Noel for his work in the parish and on our behalf throughout the year, and under trying circumstances.

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