Notes from The Rectory


Dear Friends,
Another week has gone by and we are now on the cusp of seeing schools return following
the latest lockdown. The amount of work that has gone in on home schooling by parents,
who are not qualified as teachers, can only be described as amazing. It made me wonder
how it feels to be part of a worshipping community and how qualified we all feel to proclaim
the Gospel of hope that we have in Jesus Christ. Traditionally, the vicar is seen as the expert
on faith and most people’s response is, “I will leave it to them to talk about God and Jesus”.
For most members of the church the response is usually, “I am happy to come to church,
when I am allowed, to worship on a Sunday and go back home”. Are you one of those
“Sunday Christians”? And why should it matter to me? Well, it’s very simple maths
really. In normal times I probably can see 20 people a week, but work out how many people
you have contact with in normal times and if you were confident enough to talk about your
faith then significantly more people would hear the Good News we have to offer.
An interesting talk recently at Deanery Synod was on being an everyday church and the
difference that make to our lives. The question I pose to you is would anyone know that you
go to Church on Sundays and are involved in the Church in other parts of your life? Does
what you believe play out in the way that you act in transforming our community? Have you 2
asked yourself what you could do in the future to help others experience the love of God or
do you hide your light under a bushel?
True transformation can and should be seen in the ways that we act in all parts of our lives
and not just what we do on a Sunday morning at Church. If the pandemic has taught us
anything it is that the Church is bigger than the buildings and we need to remember that as
we are allowed to return to those buildings. I believe we need to focus in future on what we
can do for our community rather than what the community can do for us. It is going to be a
partnership in which I hope we will play a pivotal role and in the process we are able to
show those communities what it means to be an everyday Christian and in doing so
transform our communities with the love of Jesus Christ.
With my Love and Prayers

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