Live Sunday Services suspended and continue Online only

Until further notice, ‘live’ Sunday services are suspended and continue online only.

The Rector has consulted with the Churchwardens and members of the Parochial Church Council and has decided, reluctantly, that our churches must close again until at least up to and including 14th February. So our services will continue online each Sunday at 11.00am. We hope that everyone who can will join us. Up to 100 people can attend, so there really isn’t a problem of accommodation! You can click on the link printed below using your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you do not have access to the internet, you can join by phone using the number given below,and the numbers following when prompted.Don’t forget the hashes ##! There are actually advantages to joining the online service. You don’t have to leave the comfort and warmth of your own home and you can see people without masks and have a chat after the service, with or without a cup of coffee, if you wish! More importantly, although online worship cannot ever replace live in-church services, this is a way of worshipping together and, as you know, the Christian faith is one which thrives on community, even a virtual one.

Our service this Sunday January 17th is online at 11.00am. Mrs Lisa Wilcox will be leading the service, with Rev Roy Allen preaching.

Please join us via the link below. We would love to see you.

You can join us on the phone by dialling 0203 481 5237
Then Entering: 842 3335 5603##
Then: 746923#

All arrangements are subject to change as a result of changes to Government Guidelines.

If you have pictures of Curdworth, Middleton and Wishaw in winter, we would like them too!

Send to – Margaret Allen

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