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Notes from the Rectory

What is the kingdom of God like? It is like a mustard seed, the smallest of seeds, yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and has large branches, so that the birds can make nests in its shade.

See the Weekly Newsletter and Notices tab for full details

Services this week and beyond…

Here are the details of the services for this Sunday: 13th June 2021, the Second Sunday after Trinity

 Service of Holy Communion at 9.30am at St John the Baptist, Middleton. The Rev Canon Frank Longbottom will be presiding and the preacher will be the Rector..
 Service of the Word online at 11.00am. The service will be led by Mr Andrew Farrow and the Preacher will be Rev Roy Allen.

The link is: Meeting ID: 842 3335 5603 Passcode: 746923
You can join us on the phone by dialling 0203 481 5237 Then Entering: 842 3335 5603## Then: 746923#


You can now book for the service on Sunday 20th June at 9.30am at St Nicholas’ Church, Curdworth, and for Sunday 27th June and 4th July. Social distancing rules still apply and masks will be worn. Please book by texting or calling 07778 458789 or emailing
There will still be an online service at 11.00am on Sundays 20th June.


Monday, Thursday and Friday – 9:30am – Morning Prayer

Tuesday and Thursday – 7:45pm = Evening Prayer/Compline

The link for all online Services is – Meeting ID: 842 3335 5603 Passcode: 746923

Sunday 27TH June If all goes according to plan and restrictions are lifted, the services on Sunday 27th June will be as follows:
St Chad’s Church Wishaw – 9.30am Eucharist
St Nicholas’ Church Curdworth – 11.15am Eucharist
St John the Baptist Church Middleton – 6.30pm Eucharist
This pattern is to celebrate the full opening of the churches after lockdown and the times have been chosen so that the Rector can be at all three churches.
We may still have to observe social distancing and pre-booking may be needed for a little while longer.
Sunday 4th July Again, if all has gone to plan, services on Sunday 4th July will be as follows:
St Chad’s Church Wishaw – 9.30am Eucharist
St Nicholas’ Church Curdworth – 11.15am Eucharist
St John the Baptist Church Middleton – 11.15am Service of the Word
St Nicholas’ Curdworth – 6.30pm Evening Service Please note service times.

Check out our new Church Calendar

Our new Church Calendar tab shows all past and forthcoming events by month together with a Home page showing events over the next 6 weeks.

It can be accessed via the link on the page. We are testing this new version and hope that you will be able to access it without difficulty. Let us know if you encounter any problems.

Covid-19 Guidelines

All our Churches are covered by Covid-19 Recommendations and Guidelines as periodically updated by UK Government and Church of England

In view of the situation we are now facing, the Rector has consulted with the Churchwardens and members of the Parochial Church Council and has decided, reluctantly, that our churches must close again until allowed within revisions to recommendations and guidelines.

During this period, services will continue online at 11.00am each Sunday together with Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline during the week. Details of all these services can be found in the Newsletter.

Any activities where use of the Church is specifically permitted, including Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals or commemorative services will be conducted in accordance with official guidelines in operation at the time of the event and the limits on attendance currently in force.
We remind anyone who is extremely clinically vulnerable should stay at home as much as possible and observe social distancing and we strongly discourage you from attending church during this time

We very much regret having to implement these measures and assure you that they are taken in the interests of keeping everyone as safe as possible during these remarkable times.